Ah the lure of a mystery, the fascination with the unknown
and the adrenalin rush of discovering the truth regardless
of the risk. Danger?? What danger?!

Down the rabbit hole
by Peter Abrahams (2005)
First book in the Echo Falls series

Over sea, under stone
by Susan Cooper (1965)
First book in the Dark is rising series

Silent to the bone
by E.L. Konigsburg (2000)

Shakespeare's secret
by Elise Broach (2005)

by Grace Cavendish (2004)
First book in the Lady Grace series

The chicken dance
by Jacques Couvillon (2007)

Jimmy Coates: Killer
by Joe Craig (2005)
First book in the Jimmy Coates series
The London Eye mystery
by Siobhan Dowd (2007)
The city of Ember
by Jeanne Du Prau (2003)
First book in the Ember series

Charlotte sometimes
by Penelope Farmer (1969)
Third book in the Aviary Hall series
Can be read & loved without having read any previous books in this series

by Leon Garfield (1967)
by Anthony Horowitz (2000)
First book in the Alex Rider series
The star of Kazan
by Eva Ibbotson (2004)
Mondays are murder
by Tanya Landman (2009)
First book in the Poppy Fields mystery series
The thieves of Ostia
by Caroline Lawrence (2001)
First book in the Roman mysteries series
by Gabrielle Lord (2009)
First book in the Conspiracy 365 series

The apothecary
by Maile Meloy (2011)
First book in the Apothecary series
by Andy Mulligan (2010)
The ivory rose
by Belinda Murrell (2011)
I was a rat!
by Philip Pullman (1999)
The rose queen
by M.E. Rabb (2004)
First book in the Missing persons series

The Blackthorn key
by Kevin Sands (2015)
First book in The Blackthorn key series

by Kim Slater (2014)

When you reach me
by Rebecca Stead (2009)

Murder most unladylike
by Robin Stevens (2014)
First book in the Wells and Wong mystery series

Marianne dreams Marianne dreams
by Catherine Storr (1958)
First book in the Marianne series

Missing Abby
by Lee Weatherly (2004)

The clockwork sparrow
by Katherine Woodfine (2015)
First book in The Sinclair's mysteries series

Starry nights
by Judith Clarke (2001)

Number 8
by Anna Fienberg (2006)
The set-up
by Sophie McKenzie (2009)
First book in the Medusa project series
Girl in the attic
by Valerie Mendes (2002)
The billionaire's curse
by Richard Newsome (2009)
First book in the Billionaire series

by James Phelan (2013)
First book in The last thirteen series
Dead Man's Cove
by Lauren St John (2010)
First book in the Laura Marlin mysteries series