I'm not going out there. It's dark, cold and spooky, and
those bloodcurdling howls are scaring the heck out of
me. Maybe I might just go and have a quick peek...


The spook's apprentice
by Joseph Delaney (2004)
First book in the Wardstone chronicles series


by Catherine Jinks (2002)
First book in the Allie's ghost hunters series

   The nest
by Kenneth Oppel (2015)

Uncle Montague's tales of terror
by Chris Priestley (2007)
First book in the Tales of terror series

Cirque du Freak
by Darren Shan (2000)
First book in the Saga of Darren Shan series

Marianne dreams Marianne dreams
by Catherine Storr (1958)
First book in the Marianne series

Whispers in the graveyard
by Theresa Breslin (1994)

Tales of terror from the black ship
by Chris Priestley (2008)
Second book in the Tales of terror series
Can be read & loved without having read previous books in the series