Garlic. Check. Wooden stake. Check. Ouija board. Check.
Crucifix. Check. Strength of will to resist any gorgeous
vampires? Um, you know, I had it just a minute ago...

Over sea, under stone
by Susan Cooper (1965)
First book in the Dark is rising series

The spook's apprentice
by Joseph Delaney (2004)
First book in the Wardstone chronicles series

The curse of the blue figurine
by John Bellairs (1983)
First book in the Johnny Dixon series

A Christmas carol
by Charles Dickens (1843)
by Catherine Jinks (2002)
First book in the Allie's ghost hunters series

The tail of Emily Windsnap
by Liz Kessler (2003)
First book in the Emily Windsnap series

11 birthdays
by Wendy Mass (2009)
First book in the Willow Falls series

The glass children
by Kristina Ohlsson (2013)

Uncle Montague's tales of terror
by Chris Priestley (2007)
First book in the Tales of terror series

Marianne dreamsMarianne dreams
by Catherine Storr (1958)
First book in the Marianne series

Monkey boy
by Donovan Bixley (2014)

The truth about Verity Sparks
by Susan Green (2011)
First book in the Truth about Verity Sparks series

A stitch in time
by Penelope Lively (1976)

by Sienna Mercer (2009)
First book in the My sister the vampire series

Angel creek
by Sally Rippin (2011)