This list is like a literary hot chocolate - a large one with
lots of whipped cream. Life is good, everything will turn
out fine, and yes, I will have some ice cream with that.

The one and only Ivan
by Katherine Applegate (2012)

The Penderwicks
by Jeanne Birdsall (2005)
First book in the Penderwicks series

Utterly me, Clarice Bean
by Lauren Child (2002)
First book in the Clarice Bean series

Ruby Holler
by Sharon Creech (2002)

The sheep-pig
by Dick King-Smith (1983)

A long way from Chicago
by Richard Peck (1998)
First book in the Grandma Dowdel series

Just a dog
by Gerard Michael Bauer (2010)

Matty forever
by Elizabeth Fensham (2009)
First book in the Matty and Bill series

Alice-Miranda at School
by Jacqueline Harvey (2010)
First book in the Alice-Miranda series

The ordinary princess
by M.M. Kaye (1980)

11 birthdays
by Wendy Mass (2009)
First book in the Willow Falls series

The mum hunt
by Gwyneth Rees (2003)
First book in the Mum series

Someday Angeline
by Louis Sachar (1983)

Dream on, Amber
by Emma Shevah (2014)

by Johanna Spyri (1880)

Charlotte's web
by E.B. White (1952)

by Jacqueline Wilson (2001)

The boy who swam with piranhas
by David Almond (2012)
Millie and the night heron
by Catherine Bateson (2005)
Moving day
by Meg Cabot (2008)
First book in the Allie Finkle's rules for girls series

What Katy did
by Susan Coolidge (1872)
First book in the Katy did series
Hazel Green
by Odo Hirsch (1999)
First book in the Hazel Green series

Judy Moody was in a mood
by Megan McDonald (2000)
First book in the Judy Moody series

by Sienna Mercer (2009)
First book in the My sister the vampire series

The slightly true story of Cedar B. Hartley
by Martine Murray (2002)
First book in the Slightly true story of Cedar B. Hartley series

Red dirt diary
by Katrina Nannestad (2010)
First book in the Red dirt diary series

A crooked kind of perfect
by Linda Urban (2007)

Charlotte and the starlet
by Dave Warner (2007)
First book in the Charlotte and the starlet series
The Lottie project
by Jacqueline Wilson (1997)