They're not all fluffy, furry or bright-eyed, but their tales
are fabulous. I'm still waiting for great reads that feature
a kindly weasel, a dastardly turtle or a heroic slug though.

The one and only Ivan
by Katherine Applegate (2012)

Love that dog
by Sharon Creech (2001)
First book in the Love that dog series

Because of Winn-Dixie
by Kate DiCamillo (2000)

The sheep-pig
by Dick King-Smith (1983)

War horse
by Michael Morpurgo (1982)
First book in the Warhorse series

Storm boy
by Colin Thiele (1963)

The murderer's ape
by Jakob Wegelius (2014)

Just a dog
by Gerard Michael Bauer (2010)

Red dog
by Louis de Bernieres (2001)

 The wild robot
by Peter Brown (2016)
First book in the The wild robot series

The midnight fox
by Betsy Byars (1968)
Old Yeller
by William Gipson (1956)
First book in the Old Yeller series

The girl who rode the wind
by Stacy Gregg (2015)

When friendship followed me home
by Paul Griffin (2016)

Sky hawk
by Gill Lewis (2011)
Born to run
by Michael Morpurgo (2007)

The amazing story of Adolphus Tips
by Michael Morpurgo (2005)

The butterfly lion
by Michael Morpurgo (1996)

by Daniel Pennac (1982)
The last wild
by Piers Torday (2013)
First book in the Last wild series
Pigeon summer
by Ann Turnbull (1992)

Charlotte's web
by E.B. White (1952)

The curse of the poltergoose
by Michael Lawrence (1999)
First book in the Jiggy McCue series

A dog called Homeless
by Sarah Lean (2012)

Kaspar prince of cats
by Michael Morpurgo (2008)

The dancing bear
by Michael Morpurgo (1994)
Varjak Paw
by S.F. Said (2003)
First book in the Varjak Paw series

Charlotte and the starlet
by Dave Warner (2007)
First book in the Charlotte and the starlet series