Action, adventure, danger, intrigue, danger, romance,
danger, excitement, and danger. These books capture the
emotions and extremities of war, and of course, danger...


The boy in the striped pyjamas
by John Boyne (2006)

The snow goose
by Paul Gallico (1940)

Generals die in bed
by Charles Yale Harrison (1930)
The silver donkey
by Sonya Hartnett (2004)

Goodnight Mister Tom
by Michelle Magorian (1981)
Tomorrow, when the war began
by John Marsden (1993)
First book in the Tomorrow series
Private Peaceful
by Michael Morpurgo (2003)

I am the great horse
by Katherine Roberts (2007)

Monkey boy
by Donovan Bixley (2014)

by Adèle Geras (2000)

Forest of bones
by David Kennett (2014)

I am Sasha
by Anita Selzer (2018)

by Jerry Spinelli (2003)
by Robert Westall (1989)

Lord of the nutcrackermen
by Iain Lawrence (2001)

Address unknown
by Kathrine Kressman Taylor (1938)