Comedy - the hardest genre of them all. How many books
have made you laugh out loud uncontrollably? Hopefully
these books will bring more than just a smile to your face.


Madame Doubtfire
by Anne Fine (1987)

Two weeks with the queen
by Morris Gleitzman (1989)
A long way from Chicago
by Richard Peck (1998)
First book in the Grandma Dowdel series

The amulet of Samarkand
by Jonathan Stroud (2003)
First book in the Bartimaeus series

My family and other animals
by Gerald Durrell (1956)
First book in the Corfu trilogy series

by Morris Gleitzman (1998)

A song only I can hear
by Barry Jonsberg (2018)

My life as an alphabet
by Barry Jonsberg (2013)
Lockie Leonard, human torpedo
by Tim Winton (1990)
First book in the Lockie Leonard series

Misery guts
by Morris Gleitzman (1991)
First book in the Misery guts series