Murderers, burglars, gangsters, thieves and kidnappers.
People doing horrible things to each other and trying to
get away with it. Why can't we just be nice to each other?

Down the rabbit hole
by Peter Abrahams (2005)
First book in the Echo Falls series

by Eleanor Updale (2003)
First book in the Montmorency series

Black cats and butlers
by Janine Beacham (2017)
First book in the Rose Raventhorpe investigates series
by Frank Cottrell Boyce (2004)
by Leon Garfield (1967)

Dear Scarlett
by Fleur Hitchcock (2013)

The Thornthwaite inheritance
by Gareth P. Jones (2009)
First book in the Thornthwaite series
Mondays are murder
by Tanya Landman (2009)
First book in the Poppy Fields mystery series
by Gabrielle Lord (2009)
First book in the Conspiracy 365 series

The impossible clue
by Sarah Rubin (2016)
First book in the Alice Jones series

The Blackthorn key
by Kevin Sands (2015)
First book in The Blackthorn key series

by Kim Slater (2014)

Harry and the Wrinklies
by Alan Temperley (1997)
First book in the Harry series

Three times lucky
by Sheila Turnage (2012)
First book in the Mo LoBeau series

The clockwork sparrow
by Katherine Woodfine (2015)
First book in The Sinclair's mysteries series

Chasing Vermeer
by Blue Balliett (2004)
First book in the Chasing Vermeer series

Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer (2001)
First book in the Artemis Fowl series

Little Darlings
by Sam Llewellyn (2004)
First book in the Darlings series

The billionaire's curse
by Richard Newsome (2009)
First book in the Billionaire series

Dead Man's Cove
by Lauren St John (2010)
First book in the Laura Marlin mysteries series
Gangsta granny
by David Walliams (2011)