No time travelling, no three-headed aliens, no smug
vampires, no goblins, and no talking rabbits.
characters making tough decisions about life right now.


Cloud busting
by Malorie Blackman (2004)

Ruby Holler
by Sharon Creech (2002)

by Roald Dahl (1988)

Joey Pigza swallowed the key
by Jack Gantos (1998)
First book in the Joey Pigza series

by Robert Hoge (2015)
Dogs don't tell jokes
by Louis Sachar (1991)

The bad beginning
by Lemony Snicket (1999)
First book in the Series of unfortunate events series

Becoming Joe DiMaggio
by Maria Testa (2002)

The eighteenth emergency
by Betsy Byars (1973)

The midnight fox
by Betsy Byars (1968)

   The lemonade war
by Jacqueline Davies (2007)
First book in The lemonade war series

Out of my mind
by Sharon M. Draper (2010)

by Kathryn Erskine (2010)

Matty forever
by Elizabeth Fensham (2009)
First book in the Matty and Bill series

by Alex Gino (2015)

Ban this book
by Alan Gratz (2017)

When friendship followed me home
by Paul Griffin (2016)

Don't pat the wombat!
by Elizabeth Honey (1996)

Small as an elephant
by Jennifer Richard Jacobson (2011)
The turbulent term of Tyke Tiler
by Gene Kemp (1977)
First book in the Cricklepit School series

Inside and back again
by Thanhha Lai (2011)

by Cynthia Lord (2006)
The Willoughbys
by Lois Lowry (2008)

The higher power of lucky
by Susan Patron (2006)
First book in the Lucky series

Liar and spy
by Rebecca Stead (2012)

Mr Stink
by David Walliams (2009)

Being Miss Nobody
by Tamsin Winter (2017)

A stone in my hand
by Cathryn Clinton (2002)

The tiger rising
by Kate DiCamillo (2001)

Misery guts
by Morris Gleitzman (1991)
First book in the Misery guts series

by Brian Selznick (2011)