Ah the lure of a mystery, the fascination with the unknown
and the adrenalin rush of discovering the truth regardless
of the risk. Danger?? What danger?!

Small change for Stuart
by Lissa Evans (2011)
First book in the Stuart series

The invention of Hugo Cabret
by Brian Selznick (2007)
by Gabrielle Lord (2009)
First book in the Conspiracy 365 series

The murderer's ape
by Jakob Wegelius (2014)

The curse of the blue figurine
by John Bellairs (1983)
First book in the Johnny Dixon series

The demon headmaster
by Gillian Cross (1982)
First book in the Demon headmaster series

by Cornelia Funke (2003)
First book in the Inkheart series

Black cats and butlers
by Janine Beacham (2017)
First book in the Rose Raventhorpe investigates series

Dear Scarlett
by Fleur Hitchcock (2013)

The Thornthwaite inheritance
by Gareth P. Jones (2009)
First book in the Thornthwaite series

The glass children
by Kristina Ohlsson (2013)

The impossible clue
by Sarah Rubin (2016)
First book in the Alice Jones series

The Blackthorn key
by Kevin Sands (2015)
First book in The Blackthorn key series

Open for business
by Moya Simons (2008)
First book in the Walk Right In Detective Agency series

Liar and spy
by Rebecca Stead (2012)
The last wild
by Piers Torday (2013)
First book in the Last wild series

Three times lucky
by Sheila Turnage (2012)
First book in the Mo LoBeau series

The clockwork sparrow
by Katherine Woodfine (2015)
First book in The Sinclair's mysteries series

Five on a treasure island
by Enid Blyton (1942)
First book in the Famous five series

45 + 47 Stella Street and everything that happened
by Elizabeth Honey (1995)

The curse of the poltergoose
by Michael Lawrence (1999)
First book in the Jiggy McCue series

by Katherine Rundell (2013)

by Brian Selznick (2011)

The Egypt game
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder (1967)
First book in the Game series

The silver spoon of Solomon Snow
by Kaye Umansky (2004)
First book in the Solomon Snow series